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Tandem HP NonStop DLT7000 Tape Drives
5157 DLT7000 Tape Drive Rackmount P/N 424392
5157ACL DLT7000 Tape Drive Rackmount ACL P/N 424393
5158ACL DLT7000 Tape Drive Tabletop ACL P/N 424394
5159 DLT7000 Tape Drive for 9710 P/N 425706

High Performance

The DLT 5157, 5157ACL, 5158,  5158ACL and 5159 tape drives are a high performance, high-capacity, streaming cartridge tape product designed for use on midrange and high-end computing systems. Using data compression and compaction, the DLT 5157, 5157ACL, 5158 and 5158ACL tape drive features a formatted capacity of 70.0 GB and a sustained user data transfer rate of 10.0 MB/s
The DLT 5157/5157 ACL tape drives are a 5-1/4 inch form factor, half-inch tape drive. The design includes a quad channel read/write head, Digital Lempel-Ziv (DLZ) high efficiency
data compression, and tape mark directory to maximize data throughput and minimize data access time.

Manageability Features

Used for unattended backups or archiving, the DLT 5157, 5157ACL, 5158, 5158ACL and 5159 tape drive allow the user to back up a higher data capacity at a higher speed than earlier products. The DLT 5157, 5157ACL, 5158, 5158ACL and 5159 tape drives, when operating in a non-compressed mode, have a maximum transfer rate of 5.0 MB/s. When operating in the compressed mode, the maximum transfer rate is 10.0 MB/s.
The DLT 5157, 5157ACL, 5158 and 5158ACL tape drives accept the DLT tapeš IV cartridge. When this cartridge is used, the amount of data stored on the tape can be up to 35.0 GB non-compressed or 70.0 GB of data using the compression mode. The actual amount of this data stored in the compression mode is dependent on the data type.


The S-Series Cabinetry and the 5157 / 5157ACL drives (the 5157/5157 ACL Tape Subsystem) are all shipped in the same container. Care should be used when unpacking and inventorying the system components.
The tape drive(s) used in the 5157, 5157ACL, 5158 and 5158ACL Tape Subsystem are packaged within the unit. The drives should be installed into the 5157/5157 ACL Tape Subsystem prior to Power Up.
The Tandem HP 5158ACL desktop model of this DLT 7000 compatible tape subsystem is available with an ACL only. The ACL versions of the 5157 and 5158 products include a 10-cartridge auto-loader. The Tandem HP 5159 is for use in the 9710ACS Tape Library Unit. The 5157, 5158 and 5159 tape drives are all Non-ACL units

The 5157, 5157ACL, 5158 and 51558ACL can attach to the processor multifunction (PMF) CRU SCSI port, to the I/O CRU SCSI port using a 68-pin SCSI cable, or to a 6760 ServerNet/DA adapter with either fiber or copper cable interfaces.

Cables to attach the 5157, 5157ACL, 5158, and 5158ACL to an S-series server are not included with the tape drive and must be ordered separately. Fiber-optic cables are described in the "ServerNet/DA Cables-Fiber" section. SCSI cables needed to connect the 5157, 5157ACL, 5158 and 5158ACL to a 6760 ServerNet/DA SCSI PIC or processor SCSI port. 

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