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Partners Remarketing Inc. Leases New and Used Tandem HP NonStop K-Series, S-Series and NS-Series Computer Equipment. Partners Leases Other Types Of Equipment Including HP, Unisys, Sun, Cisco, Emc and More...





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Partners Remarketing Inc. is also an international asset management company with a reputation of providing very innovative Tandem HP NonStop lease financing programs for their business partners (clients). Partners has developed many diverse financing alternatives for hundreds of their business partners while retaining ownership of its leases which makes Partners somewhat unique in their industry.

Partners has amassed an extremely large lease portfolio; although Partners specializes in, Tandem HP NonStop equipment and Open Systems platforms we can tailor leasing programs to match any Client's unique requirements including: the funding of disaster recovery services, pre owned equipment, maintenance service, etc.

Partners Remarketing Inc. leases brand new and used refurbished Tandem HP NonStop systems and peripherals. We lease many types of computer equipment including HP, Motorola, Sun, DEC, Cisco and EMC to name a few. Partners Remarketing Inc. has many different equipment lease options and terms available. 

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Partners Remarketing Inc. can arrange short or long-term rentals for used and refurbished equipment in stock. Tandem HP NonStop hardware is usually available on hand but if you have special requirements we can plan ahead. We prefer to keep all rental terms under one year but remain flexible to accommodate your needs.



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