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Partners Remarketing Inc. Buys, Sells and Leases Tandem HP NonStop System and Parts.                     We Currently Have All S-Series Systems and Parts Available In Stock.                 Many NS-Series Servers and Parts Are Currently Available Too!                     We Are Interested In Purchasing NB-Series BladeSystems and StorageWorks Arrays.              Everything Partners Sells Is Guaranteed Eligible For Manufacturer's Maintenance.     Contact Us Today!!!!             





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Tandem / HP NonStop Products and Services

Partners Remarketing Inc. has the largest inventory of refurbished Tandem and HP NonStop computer systems and parts available from stock. Our experienced technicians are qualified to configure these systems to best meet your specific needs. For over twenty years our primary goal has been delivering high quality hardware alternatives to our customers at affordable prices. In addition to our extensive inventory of NonStop equipment, we offer a wide range of services and options which are highlighted below.

NonStop Hardware

HP Integrity NB-Series  - Although, we are starting to see more of the NB-Series systems coming available, they still remain limited in supply. These systems include NB50000c and NB54000c.

HP Integrity NS-Series - With the rising demand for Integrity NonStop hardware our inventory stock is constantly changing. Systems currently available include NS1000, NS1200, NS2000, NS14000, NS14200, NS16000 and NS16200. In addition to these systems we have a large selection of spare parts including, disks, controllers, tape drives, power supplies, cabinets and more.

ServerNet S-Series - Tandem HP NonStop S-Series computers (ServerNet) always in stock include S7000, S7400, S7600, S7800, S70000, S72000, S74000, S76000, S86000 and S88000 systems. All cabinets, processors, disks, controllers, printers, system consoles, cables, etc.

Himalaya K-Series - We stock all Himalaya K-Series equipment, such as K100, K200, K1000, K2000, K10000 and K20000 systems and parts.  These parts include cabinets, power supplies, disk drives, tape drives, controllers, printers, system consoles, cables, and more.  

NonStop Services

Sales - Partners Remarketing, Inc. is one of the largest providers of HP hardware with 20 years of experience. We provide quality hardware to many customers worldwide while at very competitive prices. We supply a 30 day warranty and guarantee all hardware is acceptable for manufacturer's maintenance. To receive a quote, please  Contact Us

Buy Back Program - We are interested in purchasing your excess, surplus and residual hardware. Partners Remarketing, Inc. offers top dollar for current technology products. Regardless of whether you are upgrading, downsizing, migrating or relocating your current hardware we can structure a program to best fit your needs. Please Contact Us today with any items coming available or available now.

Installation -  We offer installation services for all hardware purchased from Partners Remarketing, Inc.

Maintenance Support and Training - Partners Remarketing, Inc. offers several different support options. Options available include Remote Phone Support, Basic Coverage (8x5), Standard Coverage (12x5) and Critical Coverage (24x7). Phone support and onsite spares are included in all plans. Training courses are available for your current staff and can be another cost effective solution. For complete details Contact Us

Onsite/Remote Spares - Partners Remarketing, Inc. can provide on-site spare part packages custom configured to fit your systems needs. Per request we can hold stock on location for critical or hard to source spares.  

Disk Sanitization - We can perform erasure procedures either on-site or in our facility using software specifically designed for data sanitization. You can rest assured that all recorded data is completely destroyed according to DOD 5220.22-M and MIST 800-88 standards. We will provide fully documented, auditable reports of the data destruction results.

Leasing and Rentals - Partners Remarketing, Inc. offers many different finance options. These options range from large custom tailored lease portfolios, to short or long term rentals of used and refurbished equipment in stock.  For additional information please contact our staff. For additional information see our Failsafe Lease

Consulting Services - With our valued partners we offer a wide variety of services such as Application Programming, Business Analysis, Database Administration, Systems Integration, Systems Programming, System Tuning, Product Education, Training and more.

Tape Drive Repair - Our technicians are able to repair most tape drives. This is a cost effective solution and great alternative to total replacement of your failed tape drives.  Please contact us today for repair costs of your failed units or an exchange credit toward other working units or more current technology.  Contact Us


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