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Partners Remarketing Inc. Buys, Sells And Leases Tandem NonStop K-Series Himalaya Computer Equipment.    Everything Partners Sells Is Fully Tested And Guaranteed 100%.  Contact Us Today For A Quote.





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Tandem NonStop K-Series Hardware


CLX600 Tandem Server
CLX800 Tandem Server
CLX/R Tandem Server
Cyclone Tandem System
Cyclone/R Tandem System
K100 Tandem NonStop K-Series Server
K200 Tandem NonStop K-Series Server
K1000 Tandem NonStop K-Series Server
K2000 Tandem NonStop K-Series Server
K10000 Tandem NonStop K-Series Server
K20000 Tandem NonStop K-Series Server



1460 CLX800 8MB  Tandem Himalaya CPU
1470 CLX800 16MB Tandem Himalaya CPU
1480 CLX800 32MB Tandem Himalaya CPU
1490 K100 / K1000 32MB Tandem Himalaya
1490 K1000 64MB Tandem Himalaya CPU
1491 K1000 96MB Tandem Himalaya CPU
1492 K1000 128MB Tandem Himalaya CPU
1493 K2000 128MB Tandem Himalaya CPU
1494 K2000 256MB Tandem Himalaya CPU
1932 K10000 128MB Tandem Himalaya CPU
1933 K10000 256MB Tandem Himalaya CPU
1942 K20000 128MB Tandem Himalaya CPU
1943 K20000 256MB Tandem Himalaya CPU
3125 XL80 Disk Controller

3128 Disk Controller Mosaic
3129 Disk Controller Flagstone
3214 Dedicated Tape Controller 5180 
3216 Dedicated Tape Controller 519x 
3216 Back End Board Controller (BEB)
3217 Tape Controller
3601 Line Printer Interface Controller
3602 4 Line Byte Sync Controller
3603 16 Line Async Envoy Controller
3604 Bitsync Controler NFF
3605 4 Line Communication Controller
3606 16 Line Asnyc Controller
3611 Lan Controller 802.3
3613 Multiland Controlle
3615 HBC Ethernet Controller
3616 Token Ring Controller

                                              Disk Drives

4220 Tandem HP 300MB Full Height
4230 Tandem HP 648MB Full Height
4240 Tandem HP 1GB Full Height
4245 Tandem HP 1GB Half Height
4250 Tandem HP 2GB Full Height
4255 Tandem HP 2GB Half Height
4260 Tandem HP 4GB Full Height
4265 Tandem HP 4GB Half Height
4500 Tandem HP 2GB External Mosaic
4510 Tandem HP 2GB External Mosaic
4560 Tandem HP 2GB External Flagstone
4570 Tandem HP 4GB External Flagstone
4580 Tandem HP 8GB External Flagstone
4590 Tandem HP 18GB External Flagstone
Tape Drives & Libraries
5141  4MM DAT Drive

5145  4MM DAT Single Drive
5151  DLT4000 Tabletop
5157  DLT7000 Single, Rack
5145ACL  4MM DAT Drive 6 Cart
5150ACL DLT4000 ACL Drive
5152ACL DLT4700 ACL, Modular
5157ACL DLT7000 ACL, Rack
5158ACL DLT7000 ACL Tabletop
5190ACL 3480 Cartridge Tape
5194ACL 36 Track Tape Subsystem
5196ACL  3490e Tape Drive ACL

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