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Partners Remarketing Inc. Buys, Sells And Leases HP Integrity NonStop Systems And Parts.  Everything Partners Sells Is Guaranteed Eligible For Tandem HP Maintenance.





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HP NonStop NS1000 Server

HP Integrity NonStop Hardware (NS-Series)


HP Integrity NonStop Servers

NS1000  HP Integrity NonStop Server, 2-8 CPU's
NS1200 HP Integrity NonStop Server, 2-8 CPU's
NS2000 HP Integrity NonStop Server, 2-4 CPU's
NS2100 HP Integrity NonStop Server, 2-4 CPU's
NS2200 HP Integrity NonStop Server, 2-4 CPU's
NS3000AC HP Integrity NonStop Server, 2-8 CPU's
NS5000CG HP Integrity NonStop Server, 2-8 CPU's
NS5000T HP Integrity NonStop Server, 2-8 CPU's
NS14000 HP Integrity NonStop Server, 2-16 CPU's
NS14200 HP Integrity NonStop Server, 2-16 CPU's
NS16000 HP Integrity NonStop Server, 2-16 CPU's
NS16000CG HP Integrity NonStop Server, 2-16 CPU's
NS16200   HP Integrity NonStop Server, 2-16 CPU's



HP NonStop NS2000 Blade Elements

M1002M4N NS1000-2 Processor, 4GB 
M1002M8N NS1000-2 Processor, 8GB 
M1002M8SN   NS1000-2 Processor, 8GB 
M1004M4N NS1000-4 Processor, 4GB 
M1004M8N NS1000-4 Processor, 8GB 
M1006M4N NS1000-6 Processor, 4GB  
M1006M8N NS1000-6 Processor, 8GB 
M1008M4N NS1000-8 Processor, 4GB 
M1008M8N NS1000-8 Processor, 8GB 
M8031-152 NS14000 2x Processors 
M8031-154 NS14000 4x Processors 
M8030-162 NS16000 2x Processors 
M8030-164 NS16000 4x Processors 
M8031-152 NS14200 2x Processors 
M8031-154 NS14200 4x Processors   
M8010-4 4GB Memory Quad
M8010-8 8GB Memory Quad
M8010-16 16GB Memory Quad

M8155MM   Quad MMF PIC
M8155SM Dual SMF PIC
M8350 FCSA
M8490-ID FC Disk Module ID Extender
M8800 Multiport Ethernet Adapter G4SA
M8801-4 VIO Expansion Board
M8802-4 Optical 4-Port Extender PIC
M8840 Fiber Channel Adapter FCSA
M8840-4 Fibre Channel 4-Port PIC
M8850 ServerNet Extender Adapter SE4A
M8201R Fibre Channel to SCSI Router


Disk Drives
M8350-14 FC Disk Module
M8400-72 HP 73GB FC Disk Drive
M8400-44 HP 144GB FC Disk Drive
M8400-30 HP 300GB FC Disk Drive
M8400-50 HP 500GB FC Disk Drive
M8200-24 24 Port Ethernet Switch
M8201R FC to SCSI Router
Tape Drives & Libraries                               
5142 4mm DAT Tape Drive

 HP NonStop Tape Drives



5142ACL 4mm Tape Drive, ACL
5242 DAT72 Tape Drive
5242ACL   DAT72 Tape Drive, ACL
5157 DLT7000 Single,
5157ACL DLT7000 ACL, Rack
5158 DLT7000 Tabletop
5158ACL DLT7000 ACL, 
5159 DLT7000 for 9710
5257ACL Super DLT ACL, Rack
5258ACL Super DLT ACL, 
5259 Super DLT, L700
CT9840-1  9840 Tape Subsystem,
CT9840-2 9840 Tape Subsystem,
CT9840-3 9840 Tape Subsystem,
N1521A LTO Tape Drive, L700
N1524A LTO Tape Subsystem, ACL
N1525A LTO Tape Subsystem, ACL 
N1526A LTO Gen2 Rack Mount, ACL
N1527A LTO Gen2, Tabletop, ACL
M8501 Ultrium 960, ACL, Rack
M8502 Ultrium 960, ACL,
M8503 Ultrium 960, CTL700
M8505 Ultrium 960, Tabletop

M8100-00 Logical Synchronization 
M8001-16 NS14000, NS16000
M8001-32 NS16000 Cabinet
M8155-00 Processor Switch 
M8316-01 Modular Cabinet
M8316-02 Modular Cabinet 
M8316-03 Modular Cabinet 
M8316-04 Modular Cabinet 
M8305SP Modular Side Panels
M8302-00 Modular Baying Kit
M8360-04 I/O Adapter Module
M8360-06 I/O Adapter Module 
M8360-10 I/O Adapter Module


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