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HP NonStop M8201R Fibre Channel to SCSI Router
M8201R HP T1200 Fibre Channel to SCSI Router
Non RoHS P/N 529859-001    RoHS P/N 542964


The M8201R Fibre Channel to SCSI router is a fast, reliable data transport system that allows simultaneous communications between NonStop NS-series servers and data storage devices. The M8201R Fibre Channel to SCSI router has an integrated power supply. The M8201R Fibre Channel to SCSI router connects a supported storage device to the M8201R Fibre Channel ServerNet adapter (FCSA) on a NonStop NS-series server.
High Performance for Faster Backups
Support for 2 gigabits/second Fibre Channel enables significantly faster tape reads and writes, which in turn speed operations for backup and restore. The M8201R Fibre Channel to SCSI router backups and restores existing data in significantly less time or increasingly larger data sets  within the customers’ current backup window.
Supported Storage Devices


The M8201R Fibre Channel to SCSI router can be configured with one of these storage devices:
• CTL700 tape library
• N152xA tape drive
• CT9840-x tape drives
• 525x tape drives
• 524x tape drives
• 524x ACL tape drives
Serial Port Connection


The RJ-11 connector on the back panel of the M8201R Fibre Channel to SCSI router provides a serial port that is compatible with RS-232 signaling levels. The M8201R Fibre Channel to SCSI router is designed to communicate with a terminal or any operating system utilizing a terminal emulator. The baud rate, data bits, stop bits, parity, and flow control of both the router and the host system must use the same settings. The auto baud feature described in the next subsection provides an effective method to set the baud rate of the M8201R router and host system.
Table A-1. Dimensions of the Fibre Channel to SCSI Router
Specification                             Value
Weight                                         9 pounds (4 kilograms)
Width                                           17 inches (43 centimeters)
Height                                          1.72 inches (4.4 centimeters)
Depth                                           10.75 inches (27 centimeters)


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