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N1521A, N1524A and N1525A, Tape Drive Subsystems for S-Series and Integrity NonStop Platforms
N1521A LTO G2 SCSI For L700 P/N 526473
N1524A LTO G2 Rackmount Tape Drive with ACL P/N 526474
N1525A LTO G2 Tabletop Tape Drive with ACL P/N 526475



The replacement products for the Super DLT tape drives are products from the HP Ultrium LTO tape drive product set introduced in September 2003, (product Ids N1521A, N1524A and N1525A).  The HP Ultrium LTO tape drives deliver significantly faster throughput and much higher per-media storage capacity than the Super DLT tape drives and are priced comparatively.  However, the HP Ultrium LTO products are not read or write compatible with the Super DLT tape format.  For this reason it is important to highlight the fact that while there are huge performance and capacity gains in moving to the replacement tape drive products, this move will require a tape media migration strategy.

The N1524A ACL tape drive is a high performance tape drive designed for the NonStop server environment. This drive provides a formatted capacity of 400GB and a sustained user data transfer rate of 30.0 MB's.

The HP Ultrium LTO 460 tape drive represents the newest generation of the Ultrium tape drive family and delivers a capacity of up to 400 gigabytes (assuming two-to-one data
compression) on a single cartridge. Reinforcing HPís leadership position in tape, it builds on
the success of the Ultrium 230 and Ultrium 215 drives and sets new standards for
performance, capacity, and reliability in the superdrive market. As the latest member of the
four-generation Ultrium LTO format, the Ultrium LTO 460 tape drive is an excellent choice for long-term investment protection.

The Ultrium LTO 460 tape drive is available in three configurations for use with HP NonStop S-series servers: an automatic cartridge loader (ACL)-equipped model ( N1524A ) for use in a NonStop S-series tape rack enclosure, an ACL-equipped model ( N1525A ) for standalone tabletop use and a model ( N1521A ) for use with a CTL700 or CTL700M tape library.

The Auto Cartridge Loader (ACL) tape drives support the LTO Ultrium Gen 2 tape drive. They are designed for backup operations for S-Series and NS-Series NonStop servers.


Installing a N1521A,  N1524A and N1525A drives is as simple as connecting a 68 pin SCSI cable. Using Tandemís standard SCSI cables, the N1524A and N1525A connects to either an S-series processor MFC SCSI port, the ServerNet  Device Adapter (ServerNet / DA) or the Integrity NonStop that has an appropriate interface installed.

Environmental Specifications

Product ID Description Power Requirements:
N1521A (CTL700 version) Unit installs into CTL700 tape library
N1524A 15−240V, 50−60 Hz, 1.8−1.2A
N1525A 15−240V, 50−60 Hz, 1.8−1.2A

Dimensions (height x width x depth):
N1521A Unit installs into CTL700 tape library
N1524A Unit installs into NonStop S-series rack mount
N1525A 8 x 17.25 x 20.25 in (20.3 x 43.8 x 51.43 cm)

N1521A 11.0 lb (5.0 kg)
N1524A 53.0 lb (24.0 kg)
N1525A 45.0 lb (20.5 kg)



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