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Partners Remarketing Inc. Buys, Sells And Leases Tandem Motorola Helix, StarServer and PeaceMaker Systems And Parts.  Everything Partners Sells Is Guaranteed Eligible For Manufacturer's Maintenance.





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Tandem and Motorola Helix and StarServer Equipment



Tandem Motorola Helix and StarServer  Equipment

Tandem Motorola Helix and  StarServer  Processors

  S300 Integrity Lethal Weapon       S1300 R3000 16 MB
  S1300 Integrity Lethal Weapon       S1300 R3000 32 MB
  S1450 Integrity PeaceMaker 1       S1300 R3000 64 MB
  S1475 Integrity PeaceMaker 2       S1450 R4000 64 MB
  S1495 Integrity PeaceMaker 2       S1450 R4000 128 MB 
  S1499 Integrity PeaceMaker 3

      S1475 R4400 64 MB


      S1475 R4400 128 MB

 Disk & Tape Drives       S1475 R4400 256 MB

      S1495 R4400 64 MB

     Tandem Motorola Disk 1000

      S1495 R4400 128 MB

     Tandem Motorola Disk 2000       S1495 R4400 256 MB
     Tandem Motorola Disk 4000

      S1499 R4600 64 MB

     Tandem Motorola Tape 1000

      S1499 R4600 128 MB

     Tandem Motorola Tape 2000       S1499 R4600 256 MB
     Tandem Motorola Tape 4000  





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