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HP Integrity NonStop NS16000CG Servers (Telco)
NS16000CG (NSBE) NonStop Blade Element Carrier Grade
Non-RoHS P/N 540398          RoHS P/N 542319

HP Integrity NonStop NS16000CG Server

HP NonStop technology has a long and proud history in the telecommunications industry, powering key solutions for major providers worldwide. At the high end of the Integrity NonStop server family is the HP Integrity NonStop NS16000CG Server. The Integrity NonStop NS16000CG Server, which is built on the same HP NonStop Advanced Architecture (NSAA) as the commercial Integrity NonStop NS16000 Server, is the best choice for high-value applications that require the highest levels of availability and data integrity.
The NSAA provides a new way to build fault-tolerant systems that leverage industry-standard building blocks and add unique value. Standards-based programming and manageability help lower costs, while the extensible architecture allows easy, quick, and cost effective growth for expanding markets.

HP Integrity NonStop NS16000CG Server
The Integrity NonStop NS16000CG Server is ideal for the most mission-critical applications. The HP Integrity NonStop NS16000CG and NS5000CG Servers are designated as “carrier-grade” servers and meet Network Equipment Building System (NEBS) spatial and environmental criteria, including seismic bracing;

The Integrity NonStop server family includes entry-level and high-performance servers, providing customers with a broad range of availability and scalability options. HP’s entry-level Integrity NonStop Server

HP Integrity NonStop NS16000CG Server Options

HP Integrity NonStop NS16200 2x Processors 1.5 GHz
HP Integrity NonStop NS16200 4x Processors 1.5 GHz
HP Integrity NonStop NS16200 4GB Memory Quad
HP Integrity NonStop NS16200 8GB Memory Quad
HP Integrity NonStop NS16200 16GB Memory Quad

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