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S74000 Processor Multifunction Units (PMF)

S74002, S74004, S74006, S74008, S74010, S74012, S74014, S74016

Tandem HP NonStop Himalaya S74000 High-End Server

1970-A S74000 PMF w/512MB Memory P/N 425931
1970-C S74000 PMF w/2GB Memory P/N 425692
1970-D S74000 PMF w/4GB Memory P/N 425693

In its position at the high end of the Tandem HP NonStop Himalaya S74 server family, the S74000 server provides a 30 percent performance boost over its predecessor, the S72000. It features the high- performance MIPS R12000 microprocessor, which runs at 300 megahertz and includes 2 megabytes of L2 cacheódouble that of the Tandem HP NonStop Himalaya S72000 server. The new Ultra SCSI I/O interconnect technology provides a faster pipe for disk traffic. Memory-intensive applications such as home location registries, trading systems, or operational data stores are never a problem:

The Tandem HP NonStop Himalaya S7000/S70000/S72000 memory modules are not compatible with the S74000 processor.

Tandem HP NonStop Himalaya S74000 Server

The NonStop Himalaya S74000 processor (1970-x) requires release G06.08 or later of the NonStop Kernel operating system.  The (1970-A) S74000 PMF has 512 megabytes of  main memory.  The (1970-B) S74000 PMF has 1gigabytes of main memory. The (1970-C) S74000 PMF comes with 2 gigabytes of main memory. The (1970-D) S74000 PMF comes with 4 gigabytes of main memory.

 For customers wanting to upgrade a NonStop Himalaya S700 (1950), S7000 (1950),  S70000 (1951, 1951-4), or S72000 (1954) server to an S74000 server, processor and memory upgrade trade-in credits are available.

Ordering Information for Telco PMF's:

Model number: 1970-CSE
Product name: 2-GB HP NonStop S74000SE Telco Server
Minimum release required: HP NonStop Kernel Operating System RVU G06.16 

Model number: 1970-DSE
Product name: 4-GB HP NonStop S74000SE Telco Server
Minimum release required: HP NonStop Kernel Operating System RVU G06.16

S74000 Telco System Models

S74002-SE - 2 Processor System * S74004-SE - 4 Processor System S74006-SE - 6 Processor System * S74008-SE - 8 Processor System

S74010-SE - 10 Processor System * S74012-SE - 12 Processor System
S74014-SE - 14 Processor System * S74016-SE - 16 Processor System

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